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Report: Myeloma UK Measuring Patient Preferences

Myeloma UK's Measuring Patient Preferences report is the culmination of two years of collaborative research between Myeloma UK and NICE, the UK's National Institute for Health and Care and Excellence.

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Product Brochure: The Mayhew Christmas Catalogue

This is years old, but still one of my favourite projects. Christmas brochures are often so kitschy or prescriptively designed that they have no character or identity. This is a shame as it's so important that brands cut through the pre-Christmas noise, particularly when they're as wonderful as the Mayhew, a fantastic animal rescue shelter in the heart of London.

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Annual Report: Nuclear Information Service

Annual reports are a charity's way of making their supporters aware of mission progress. They range from simple releases of headline financial figures with an introductory letter from the CEO, to bolder, larger and often more fundraising focussed books.

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