Product Brochure: The Mayhew Christmas Catalogue

This is years old, but still one of my favourite projects. Christmas brochures are often so kitschy or prescriptively designed that they have no character or identity. This is a shame as it’s so important that brands cut through the pre-Christmas noise, particularly when they’re as wonderful as the Mayhew, a fantastic animal rescue shelter in the heart of London.

I handled photography myself, or used shots like the snowy cover photo from some truly talented Mayhew volunteers. The interior was ordered and clean, not cluttered or boring, and to up-the-fun-level we included playful Christmassy silhouettes at the bottom of each page, like cats playing with baubles.

We printed on a lovely thick, unfinished recycled paper stock and closed the brochure with a detachable order form that was incredibly simple to understand, fill in and return. The result of all this, was a brochure that not only felt Christmassy, but also felt like the Mayhew, and got their supporters shopping in droves.