Hello, Paul here! I’ve retired designimage.eu and am now half of the magnificent web and print duo Lumpy Lemon.

Oh, and if we haven’t spoken in a while, I’ve married, changed my surname to Galinsky and moved to Edinburgh. It’s all change!

Annual Report: Nuclear Information Service

Annual reports are a charity's way of making their supporters aware of mission progress. They range from simple releases of headline financial figures with an introductory letter from the CEO, to bolder, larger and often more fundraising focussed books.

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Flyer: Google Trusted Photographer

There's something ironic about producing a flyer to advertise Google. Back in 2012, one of Google's breakthrough services was 360 degree photographic tours of local businesses. Really, an extension of Google Maps' Streetview, which showed you the inside of a shop or restaurant, before you actually travelled there.

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Brand Guidelines: Industrial Workers of the World

Brand guidelines are created to help an organisation achieve a consistent message, no matter who is speaking, writing, or designing for them. Guidelines needn’t be long or overly prescriptive, in fact it's generally better that they're not, because non-designers (and frankly, some designers...) tend to glaze over presentational instructions fairly quickly.

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Poster: Illustration & Layering

In my free time, I play music. Back in 2012, I was playing drums in the band Science Made Us Robots. We'd written some songs, played quite a few shows, and had a set booked at a not-so-little event called  Rebellion Festival.

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Poster: Photography & Fine Text

You know those posters you see for club nights and gigs, stuck on the walls of building sites and long-closed shops? I made one.

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Flyer: Hell Pizza

I used to live near a place called Hell Pizza in Shepherds Bush, London. It was amazing, and I jumped at the chance to create a flyer for them.

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