Book: Activities for Woodcraft Folk Pioneer Groups

Activities for Woodcraft Folk Pioneer Groups is a full-colour, 92 page, perfect-bound A4 book, full of activities for 10-12 year olds. It’s one of a selection of books that I’ve created for Woodcraft Folk, along with flyers, posters, banners and other print designs.

The books’ activities are organised by theme, with many pages featuring vibrant cyan artwork to create a sense of energy and life. Woodcraft Folk are fortunate to have access to incredible photography from their volunteers, which allowed me to introduce and mark each chapter with an engaging two page image spread. I sourced printing with one of my regular print suppliers, who provided a fantastic finished product.

Producing a small library of reference materials is a medium-term project that doesn’t need to cost the earth. As well as an immediate benefit as a reference to staff, volunteers or customers, it can help underpin an organisation’s reputation as an authority in their field of work.