Annual Report: Nuclear Information Service

Annual reports are a charity’s way of making their supporters aware of mission progress. They range from simple releases of headline financial figures with an introductory letter from the CEO, to bolder, larger and often more fundraising focussed books.

When charities are smaller, producing an Annual Report can seem like a burden rather than an opportunity. This is understandable when you consider the remit, scale and ability to produce content that larger charities have. But even a small investment of time and design can produce a report that shows drive, organisational prowess, and most importantly generates confidence for major donors.

Over a number of years, I helped the Nuclear Information Service produce concise and clear Annual Reports that they were able to print in-house and make available for download. We kept things short and simple, included some graphical flourishes and embraced their brand. The end result was an Annual Report that was solid a step above ‘download our financial statement’. It left donors with a positive sense of where the charity had been, where it stood, and where it was heading.