Activities for Woodcraft Folk Pioneer Groups Book

Woodcraft Folk are a wonderful British charity who describe themselves as ‘a place where children will grow in confidence, learn about the world and start to understand how to value our planet and each other.’ 

This book is one of a number of print projects which Woodcraft Folk and I have collaborated on, and is a group of activities for 10 - 12 year olds, organised by theme. To denote chapters, I introduced each one with a cross page image spread, then kept a little of each image down the centre of every following page.

Activity pages within each chapter were differentiated from other pages with a subtle background colour, and cyan and white for objects in the page to give a bright and engaging feel.

I also arranged print of the 92 page book, which we finished perfect bound, resulting in a beautiful, chunky and entertaining read!


Hello! I'm Paul Herring, a Graphic Designer in beautiful Scotland and this is my business,

I provide creative media for non-profits and small businesses, including artwork to be printed such as mail drops, flyers, posters, badges, reports, merchandise, brand identity guidelines and logos.
I also create websites, email systems and provide photography, tea and cake.

My hourly rate is £25. Please get in touch for an open discussion of your project and an obligation free quote:

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